Delivery Policy

Delivery Information

Our delivery procedures will take shortly after receiving the order and from loading it to the truck and then to the destination

Delivery Time

Delivery relatively fast and usually take 5-7 days for readymade cabinets or 7-10 days for custom made ones from the date you order

Note: This is subject to change from outside forces such as a national day or lockdown and thus we will give you a new delivery time. And for now, we don’t deliver outside Dhaka

Overall turnout time

5-7 days for readymade cabinets
And 7-10 days for custom cabinets

Delivery fees

For a single product, you can get it anywhere delivered to Dhaka city for 300 takas. For now, we don’t accept delivery outside Dhaka

If you haven’t received your product in time then contact us at this number:-   01886242302